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Gamification refers to motivating people through game mechanics and -dynamics. People's actions and progress can be made visible through game mechanics. Game dynamics refer to the planned progression of actions within a certain span of time. Elements of game mechanics inlcude points, levels, rewards, challenges and scoreboards.

When an organization wants to support a given function through gamification, a right combination of game mechanics should always be planned on a case-by-case basis.

Knowledge Management

The meaning of Knowledge Management varies based on industry, usually referring to CV-databases or project reference management. In general Knowledge Management can be divided into tacit and explicit knowledge. Solutions to knowledge and capability management also include selecting the right software.

We will help you make the right choices and to develop the knowledge- and capability management process of your organization in such a way, that it provides maximal support for productive actions.

Change Management

When planning Change Management, one should always take motivational practises into account in addition to conventional methods. A good way to boost motivation is Gamification. However, utilizing it should be done in a planned fashion, and negotiated according to the case.


New innovations are always born from new ideas. They're transformed into new services and products through an innovation processes. Making use of Customer-information at the earliest stage of an innovation life-span helps an organization pick the right ideas and develop better products and services for the market.

We can help you come up with new ideas, manage their database, develop your innovation processes and select the right tools to fit your individual needs.